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A few More Pics from the Willys Rally

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Roger shared these pics from the Willys Rally





This scale-model toy jeep and trailer is really neat, too:


red-trailer-jeep-toy2-lores red-trailer-jeep-toy1-lores red-trailer-jeep-toy5-lores \


4 Comments on “A few More Pics from the Willys Rally

  1. Barry

    That’s our 3a in the first shot! The “Farm Jeep” display attracted a lot of new visitors. Thanks again to Roger and to Dave for posting these shots of the Jeep Rally. It was a great event.

  2. SteveK

    I love the “education”. And what an amazing detail on the model, and there appears to be an even smaller scale model in the beautiful model’s trailer. ALL Very Nice Work! And yes, thanks for sharing the pics.

  3. Rick Riley

    The Willys Jeep Rally would like to thank all the great people and Jeeps that attended our event. The weather was picture-perfect, and the demonstrations and displays were entertaining and educational. Once again, Hueston Woods State Park and Lodge proved to be a fantastic backdrop for our activities. Check our website for updates on the 2023 Willys Jeep Rally

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the note Rick. I am still hoping to get there someday! Hope all is well with you,

    – Dave

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