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1957 CJ-5 Chadron, NE $6000


Lacks working brakes, but has a rear PTO gearbox and a sears or allstate branded half cab. It also has a rare 0-9 King Seeley speedometer (with a normally broken needle).

“Solid jeep, get engine bay pictures tomorrow. Nebraska title runs, no brakes, complete pto don’t see those often”

1957-cj5-chadron-ne0 1957-cj5-chadron-ne1 1957-cj5-chadron-ne2 1957-cj5-chadron-ne3 1957-cj5-chadron-ne4


One comment on “1957 CJ-5 Chadron, NE $6000

  1. king - seeley

    the speedo has a broken needle ? — who in here has actually rebuilt his willys speedometer ? — me — 48 4wd truck — still works 40 years later — heres a hint — put a few drops of oil in the little hole on the back of the speedometer , its right abover where the cable attaches , that saves speedometers from dying young …

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