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No Updates Until Monday

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There won’t be any updates until Monday morning. Today and tomorrow are the estate sale. And, of course, it poured all day on Friday and into this morning until about 4am. So, we decided to section off half the shop with tarps. Thankfully, we’ve had some family help. Meanwhile, the stuff we did pull outside is covered in tarps and popups. There is little doubt Ann and I are questioning our decision to do this… we just hated throwing away or moving this stuff, once again.

Thankfully, the rain has stopped and skies are clearing, so it is time to get back outside. We need to be ready in two hours. Wish us luck!



3 Comments on “No Updates Until Monday

  1. Mike

    The skies cleared, so I think it’s more than luck that’s on your side, hopefully, all will go well. Estate sales are never something one wants to do, but need to be done, with the intent of passing along cherished belongings to a general public that values them. When I did this almost 20 years ago, very little went into the dumpster. My sister would dump items and after she went home, I would pull them out.

  2. King Seeley

    dont be that guy who dies and leaves a ****load of willys overland parts and vehicles for his family to liquidate , mainly because they have no idea of the value ..

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Vernon, I hear ya. My kids aren’t into Jeeps, so I plan to keep my herd thin and my parts thinner.

    Mike, the weather has been great. Stuff is loving pretty well.

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