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1952 Truck Durango, CO eBay

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Jim’s got this truck for sale. He used to own a number of jeeps and was an early reader of eWillys. You can contact him at bozwell13 @ or call/text me at 602 435 2110. He says it has the original paint and is very straight.

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“Don’t you hate it when you’re at a dealer auction trying to buy trucks for work and you just cant put your arm down to stop bidding on a beautiful old school Willys Jeep pickup? Man, I hate it when that happens…

I’ve owned a lot of Willys in my life, a lot (like 25-30 civilian and military) never had one like this, this truck is special, it was loved. I think this truck is amazing, preserved in an original patin. The previous owner’s wish (and mine) is that it remain like this… just an opinion, but…

The back story is interesting. I tracked down the previous owner and learning about him confirmed a lot of what I saw with the high standards of quality work that had been done to this truck in the past. This truck belonged to the same family, since new, for 70 years. The previous owner (Rick, 74 yrs old) an engineer, grew up hunting and fishing with his uncle who taught him to drive in this truck. The uncle passed away in the 1960s and this truck was parked in a field providing shelter for multiple generations of wild life. Rick tracked the truck down years later and trailered it to Salt Lake City where he proceeded to rebuild and replace whatever was needed mechanically.

Later he moved to Durango CO and I admired this truck for more than a decade whenever I drove by. In the last 2 years it was donated (not running) to a charity and somehow ended up in New Mexico at a dealer auction. At that time, though it didn’t run, bidders (car dealers) made sure I almost could not buy it, they didn’t know what it was, but they knew it was “something special.”

Hand built (torch and stick weld) bumpers, an amazingly straight original body, bed, cab, hood, grill, front fenders etc. Surface rust only, frame and running gear have no rot at all (see pictures underneath) glass is great, all gauges work and light up at night, has been rewired, blinkers, everything works as it should. Starts right up, no smoke, quiet, shifts, drives, stops excellent in every way, per 1952 standards.

The miles are correct and original, this engine should have non ethanol fuel only with a lead additive at all times.

Lots of new parts, poly fuel tank, fuel pump, tires, exhaust, carb, battery, shocks, wiring harness, everywhere you look you see shiny new pieces, parts, nuts, bolts, gaskets etc. There are some spare parts,manuals, new glove boxes with doors, cables, etc.

I have over 500 pics and this Jeep is parked proudly in my driveway so please ask questions and I will answer them as candidly as possible.”


5 Comments on “1952 Truck Durango, CO eBay

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Reading the extensive backstory on this $15K truck somehow reminds me of that old advertising agency saying – you don’t just sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.

  2. Jim Boswell

    I know I know but I got fired up talking to the previous owner. It was nice to get the entire 70 year history on a Willys for a change as opposed to just bits and pieces. Things have changed, vintage four-wheel drives that I used to buy and sell for just a few thousand dollars because it was fun or becoming crazy money. That’s very easy to judge stuff by what it used to be worth, the market has changed. I have sent a number of Willys and other stuff halfway around the world and you would be appalled at what they happily paid. And for the record, I paid dumb money to get my hands on this truck without hearing it run or seeing it drive.

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