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1956 DJ-3A Convertible Mooresville, NC $16,999


UPDATE: Price dropped to $16,999.

(04/25/2022) Those are some big tires for the undersized rear axles (the early DJ-3As used a Dana 23 in the rear, while the later ones used a Dana 27). The seller has listed the DJ-3A prefix (56337) as the serial number. This has the rare 0-8 King Seeley speedometer with an intact needle.

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12 Comments on “1956 DJ-3A Convertible Mooresville, NC $16,999

  1. Mike

    Nice looking DJ3A, and I put the emphasis on 2 WHEEL DRIVE, so why would need or want those huge “GUMBO MONSTER MUDDER” tires? Has to be an enormous strain on the flathead 4 cylinder engine, along with the extensive wear & tear on your rear end gears.

    Back in the 1980’s, a friend of mine, Barney the baker, aka Bugsy Barney, had a 1957 CJ5, of which he decided to mount huge over sized rims and tires. I told him it was a big mistake, he wouldn’t listen. Well one Sunday afternoon as it was crossing the Pulaski Skyway in NJ, his rear axle began to pull outward, the huge rims and tires wore out the axle bearings broke the axle shaft.

    In today’s world, logic is lost, appearance is everything, lessons are never learned, I f I were in the market for Dj, this is one I’d “steer away from” because of those over size tires.

  2. SteveK

    … and tuff to “steer” and maybe be a “limited” turn-radius too… and only “4 lugs” at that. Nice looking body condition, and rims and tires can be changed. Hopefully it doesn’t have too many miles driven on those wheels like that. More “seller info” than needed “vehicle info” provided, and no pics of under the hood???

  3. Mike

    Take notice that this is listed by a dealer that finds it more important to show pictures of the tire size then of the engine. That alone should tell us something, knows nothing of actual information about the vehicle being sold, and mostly interested in self promotion. by doing this, he does not have the best interests of seller or buyer in mind, only a quick buck. Other than tht a nice DJ3a.

  4. colin peabody

    Sent the dealership a text advising them they should make every effort to provide a complete VIN or serial number on vehicles they are selling. Gave them the breakdown on the 56337 model number and told them where to look for the serial number plate and the number stamped on the frame. See what happens!

  5. colin peabody

    I never did hear back from them, but sent them another email this morning, with a copy to Dave. He may wish to share it here.

  6. Mike

    Colin, I admire your efforts to keep buyers and sellers informed. The very fact that this dealership did not reply to your valued information, reflects the arrogance of many “show me the money” dealerships and big name sellers.

  7. colin peabody

    I haven’t heard from the dealership on my last lengthy and detailed email to them on the 18th, so yeah, this is a dealership that isn’t interested in good customer service. As we say in the desert southwest, “Asi es la vida” Such is life!

  8. John B

    Reminds me of a Washington State dealer that advertised a M38 (at $25,500) for about a year in Hemmings and various websites as a M38A1.

    I sent them an email to politely suggest they might have better luck selling if it they listed it correctly.

    Never heard back and they never did correct the listing.

  9. Mike

    Colin, & John B,
    I think this proves out what we ALL tend to believe about Dealers, more like “WHEELER DEALERS” show me the money is their only interest in selling a vehicle. Remember the old adage about car salesmen, not to be trusted.

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