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1942 Bantam Trailer Milton, ON, Canada $4500CDN

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This trailer was a “rusty piece of junk” before the rebuild.

“Rebuilt and refurbished Army Service Forces Bantam 1/4 ton payload, 2-wheel cargo trailer. Built in 1942/3 and rebuilt in 2022. Original from Bracebridge farm area. Excellent shape and wonderful and useful historical piece.”

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2 Comments on “1942 Bantam Trailer Milton, ON, Canada $4500CDN

  1. Ban Tam T3-C

    army bantams didnt have tailgates or that fancy tongue , they were built to float — my civilian bantam wont float , the good people at the bantam company in butler , pennsylvania thankfully installed tailgates and colorful paint jobs ..

  2. Ian in Nova Scotia

    4500$ cdn !! No matter what currency that’s too rich, for a trailer with extended toungue and incorrect tailgate attachment and no sign of the shock mounts. Nice over all rebuild though. For asking price you could have bought two CDN miltary trailers couple yrs back and still have change for licensing and touch up paint and a tire. The price is what we in the rest of Canada call On scare rio pipe dreams.

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