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1962 DJ-3A Douglasville, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

David shared this ad with me. The jeep has an Allison three-speed automatic transmission (it was a 2-speed BW auto trans that was installed in some 1964 DJ-3As). It’s unclear to me if this was some kind of special order or if it was customized. The radiator has been swapped out with an older radiator, so this has seen some modification.

“4 cylinder flathead, Allison 3 speed automatic. 2 wheel drive. Rough. Been sitting a long time. Did run and drive, when parked. But I have no idea condition of engine now.”

1962-dj3a-douglasville-ga1 1962-dj3a-douglasville-ga2 1962-dj3a-douglasville-ga3


7 Comments on “1962 DJ-3A Douglasville, GA **SOLD**

  1. colin peabody


    I suspect this Jeep is probably a 1964, as it has the different PCV setup that was on the 1964 models, along with the CJ2A radiators. The oil fill tube is CJ2-3A as is the PCV valve rather than the road draft tube the previous DJ3As had. The Feds were making positive crankcase ventilation systems mandatory for 1965, and Willys already had done that nearly 20 years before, so they reverted to what they had in stock, and this Jeep has those features. 1964 was also the main year where the Borg Warner automatic transmission was available for delivery Jeeps. If you recall the yellow bug spraying Jeep that was on eBay a lot a few years back, it was right hand drive, had the B-W automatic and also had the 1964 PCV setup what we have just referred to. That Jeep went to an L.A. Firefighter who converted it to LHD and painted it up in US Navy gray., but it never was a Navy Jeep, but was owned originally by a city in New Jersey, set up with a pump sprayer to get rid of mosquitos.


  2. SteveK

    I’m not a FB member and can’t access the link, but it sure seems ‘complete’ parts wise, and the auto trans alone is worth the price. Sadly, it is too late to help out a friend that had to sell his “3 pedal Dj” for “physical health conditions”, that an automatic could have helped get around. I hope it finds a good home. BTW, is the serial number mentioned on FB link?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Colin: Good info on the PCV. What threw me was that the “1962” + the “allison 3 speed automatic”, which I thought meant it was three forward speeds. So, I automatically ruled out the BW tranny. But, that could have been a hasty assumption.

    Mike: Now I’m hungry for pizza!

  4. Dave from Mn

    I would still like to find one of those bell housings that go from the jeep 4 cylinder to the bw transmission

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