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Braedenton, FL Jeep Parts, Signs, Etc for Sale $1.25M

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Jim forwarded a FB post showing that the folks that bought the Bradenton, FL, jeep parts store has listed the contents at a price of $1.25M. (we previously discussed the sale of the store contents here)

There are some wondering vintage toys and signs and parts, but I expect that price will drop. The expense to identify, inventory, pack, ship, unpack, post online, and ready the parts for shipping is a massive and expensive undertaking I would imagine, which drops the value. That said, I sure would like a few of those toys and signs though!



10 Comments on “Braedenton, FL Jeep Parts, Signs, Etc for Sale $1.25M

  1. Mike

    The “GOLD DIGGERS” that bought the business, thought they were sitting on a GOLD MINE, what they’re sitting on is “FOOLS GOLD”.

    I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would pay this amount of money for used inventory. No bank would finance such a purchase. Not even Elon Musk is interested.
    The toy inventory, now that may be a different story if sold separately.
    This is difficult to accept, but the truth of the matter is, a lot of this inventory will wind up being sold for scrap.
    I’ve seen so many of these posts in the past 10 years, even with my own experience buying inventory from Rowett’s Garage, I was lucky to break even.
    Now, there, I feel better, the truth must be told. Good day, & good luck.

  2. SteveK

    Not only is it NOT all Jeep parts, but since not being “bought including in location”, “everything” there will have to be “handled” at least twice. Shipping and handling costs??? Then… Good Luck knowing what you have and where it is in the new location to sell for a profit. Some neat stuff in the video along with some real “junk/treasures”. Unfortunately, overseas is probably going to end up with most, if not all of it. It is going to take a very knowledgeable and dedicated buyer, or a very long time to sell.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    I’ve done this for a long time and old inventories have issues as has been mentioned here already. We get calls every other month someone wanting to sell an inventory and they usually want gold prices. Sure, there will be nuggets in the midst – but in the midst of a lot of scrap. Better to let someone else buy the lot and then you buy the nuggets when they post them for sale. ie: don’t pay 1.25 M just to buy a $5K sign. NOS stuff is fine as a lot when you buy it pennies on the dollar. You’ll throw half of it out for rust and rot.

  4. Neil Young

    Barney is correct , all old willys jeeps and parts need to be scrapped and made into more EARTH-FRIENDLY vehicles ..

  5. JohnB

    I’ll pay attention when one of the established Jeep parts dealers get interested!
    See their ads on the right side of this page.

    Only they will know if this is a deal and legitimate business opportunity. If they pass, that should tell you something!

  6. Mark

    Some years back this kind of thing happened in the local model airplane world. A shop that was open from the 1930’s through the early 80’s the owner died. His daughters called in some appraiser that set a retail value on everything in the place (there was hundreds of pre 1950 free flight kits hundreds of 1950 to 70 control line kits engines building supplies fuel you name it was there some where.

    The wanted.5 million the guy had put current retail value on every propeller etc. This went on for a couple years while a few hucksters stole or swindled a few items. Then the price dropped to 1/4 million then large amounts of it started showing up at the model swap meets then no one heard a thing. No idea where it all went but it took 7-8 years to disappear off the radar. I doubt the daighters ever got 50K out of it all it would have packed an 18ft UHaul to the ceiling.

  7. Mike

    You make a valid point, too many of these so- called appraisers have no valid credentials. Guess work with high values, to fill in the blanks to impress, in order to collect appraiser fees.

  8. Dan B.

    I wonder if a better path would be to hire some Willys experts to go through and catalog the items, at least grossly. Maybe there is a way to pay said experts on an hourly basis plus a commission as a % of sales.

    I love Willys, but that estimated value leaves me scratching my head.

  9. Barney Goodwin

    We’re qualified to appraise but won’t. If people contact us with “What’s this inventory worth?”, our reply is “It’s your property, what do you want for it?” They start real high, we respond pennies on the dollar. If no deal, we’ll eventually compete on ebay for the nuggets someone posts – and they do.
    Also one thing I forgot to mention above in my lengthy post is that even among that which isn’t scrap or rot, there will be parts that no one will ever want, and often a large quantity of them because they did not move well when new.

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