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M-38 Split Windshield Frame $600

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Buz is selling this unique windshield frame for the M-38. He has the paper work from the Government and work order to document its origins. Contact Buz Kanzenbach via phone 757 403 9964  or email buzkan @  (remove spaces around the @).

“Split M-38 windshield excellent shape. This is a rare item! Authorized By Order of the Army, The Secretary of The Army. When it was broken during the Korean War it was transferred from a 1 piece two a 2 piece, to save glass. I know of only 2 frames in existence.”

Here are a few others from the archives that might be M-38 split windshields

1) This M-38 appears to have one:
2) Possibly a modified one(?):


m38-split-windshield-frame-6 m38-split-windshield-frame-8 m38-split-windshield-frame-9 m38-split-windshield-frame-10



6 Comments on “M-38 Split Windshield Frame $600

  1. K POP

    oh my god ? its already hard to see out of a jeep windshield , then add the pillar in the middle ? no wonder we lost the korean war ..

  2. Barney Goodwin

    I think retrofit parts like these are neat. They certainly make good conversation pieces. We have in our collection an NOS galvanized hood, never painted. It was part of a program in the early 60s where the govt was experimenting with extending the life of the M38. At one time we had an M38 that had gone through an early 60s rebuild program (Serial number prefix was RMC xxxxxx) and it had galvanized front fenders. If anyone has a photo(s) of an M38 in theater in Korea, I would like to see it. I have never seen one. The first Jeeps into Korea were rebuilt 1945 MBs. Then followed the M38A1. Ship loads of M38s were sent to Europe, especially Germany. If they went to Korea, I doubt it was in great numbers. Any photographic help here would be appreciated.

  3. muley

    I have my doubts too Barney but ” broken while parked in front of a tavern in Berlin” just doesn’t sell like “broken during the Korean war”.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    I hadn’t noticed the lack of M-38s in Korean War photos. I just looked through my photos from Korea and I only found one M-38 in Korea. However, I can’t tell if the photo was taken during the war or just after the war. It came from a reader who said his dad was stationed in Korea. So, I don’t think that one counts.

    – Dave

  5. William Kanzenbach (Buz)

    The windshield is still for sale ,not many M-38 made it over Korea All left over WWII stuff buz k

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the update Buz. I’ll update this to the front page later today.

    – Dave

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