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Arizona Flatfender Run w/ Nicole Johnson

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Just a. few updates today. I got to get to painting this morning, as Ann is still suffering through migraines/auras (day 5), so is unable to paint (or do most anything).

Bill shared this video of Nicole Johnson tagging along on a stock flat fender run in Arizona. She does some of the driving, including a little rock climbing, which isn’t easy when you are driving someone else’s vehicle (so kudos to her).

There are a few comments along the way that aren’t quite correct. For example, the CJ-3A did not use the CJ-2A frame, but rather the frame switched near the end of the CJ-2A production into more of what would be a CJ-3A frame (no gussets, under mounted transmission crossmember).


2 Comments on “Arizona Flatfender Run w/ Nicole Johnson

  1. Terry Atmar

    So is this the same Nicole Johnson who races Ultra Four and drives the Scooby Doo monster truck? She has a lot of personality and does a great job interviewing Bryan Crofts who’s letting her drive his CJ 3a. I bought my CJ 2a via eWillys from Bryan when COVID first started. Super nice guy.

    Thank you for linking this video and the Fall Colors video.

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