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1972 Suzuki LJ20 Brute Norman, OK **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

If you like oddball 4wd vehicles, Bill shared this rare Suzuki that’s currently on eBay.

1972-llj20-suzuki-1 1972-llj20-suzuki-2 1972-llj20-suzuki-3 1972-llj20-suzuki-4

1972 Suzuki LJ20 4×4
Sometimes referred to as Brute or Jimny
Oklahoma title in my name (sold as is) This is a 50 year old classic vehicle!
Very little rust in floor pan, one rust hole near seat mount (about playing card size)
Rust where original battery mount was. See pic.
Can help as needed to load for U-ship or other transport

Thought to be correct vintage TEN “seek and scan” Suzuki radio Can manually get a station, but weak….very rare accessory!

Tire mounted on the rear is more like the original tire “look”. This is a 5.50-16 tire very similar to what was original equipment. All the original wheels on the jeep are 16 inch. This rear mounted spare tire is an inexpensive option, as it is a tractor front tire. Check prices on eBay tractor 5.50-16 tires for off road use, if you want to go for an original look!

Some of these new parts were sourced from Japan, Items replaced or checked on the Suzuki LJ20 in 2021

New spark plugs, points, wires, and distributor cap
Carburetor cleaned and rebuilt
New fuel line, fuel filter, and electric fuel pump
Gas tank flushed, cleaned, and sealed, sending unit float replaced
New Aftermarket gas cap
Oil injection tank cleaned + new oil
New heater shutoff valve
New silicone heater hoses and clamps
New radiator hoses and clamps
New Battery
New rubber brake lines
Brake shoes re-lined
Brake master cylinder re-sleeved and rebuilt with NOS parts
Front slave cylinders re-sleeved and rebuilt
Rear brake cylinders rebuilt
New rear engine/trans mounts
New old stock steering arm bushing installed
Transmission rebuilt 4 bearings replaced (they were just noisy)
4 new 16” tires installed
New seat belts
Front and rear differential fluid topped off

Yes a true survivor!

A weld is noticeable on both sides on windshield frame. (see passenger side pic)
All four road tires are like new “ice and snow” 16″ tires, recently purchased to give more bite than the skinnys.
Bright floor pan pic is drivers side, and the dimmer is passenger side, and to the right is the small rust through.
Bed great, and solid……
The following loose parts come with the Suzuki. (see picture)

Door hanger parts

Used rotor
OEM New points
Used distributor cap
OEM Suzuki grease jar
Suzuki paint jar
Upper windshield Convertible slot aluminum trim”


One comment on “1972 Suzuki LJ20 Brute Norman, OK **SOLD**

  1. Mark S.

    I had one of these back in the 80’s, being a jeep guy I was somewhat against the Suzuki name plate, but I got over it. It was very good off-road, but a little limited on the road, about 45 mph was top speed. The 2 cycle water cooled engine had a problem with the distributor gears. The distributor needed to be pulled regularly and the gear greased with special moly lube. If not done routinely, the drive gear on the crank shaft would be destroyed, basically ruining the engine. I did see one guy mount the distributor outside the engine and run it off off of a timing belt to the engine pulley. Like a lawn tractor, it energized the generator to turn the engine over. I wish I still had one, most have been destroyed or rusted out.

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