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1943 MB Totnes, England £13,000

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This modified jeep has benign storage for about four decades. It’s supposedly a Metamet prototype, so, if true, this should be of interest to Metamet fans.

1943-mb-england4 1943-mb-england5 1943-mb-england6 1943-mb-england7

“Its a ww2 jeep converted to a saloon , please study the pictures carefully, note the wings, the bonnet the grill the interior, floor pan, engine bay etc etc is a willys mb jeep chassis and running gear , the jeep was originally built in 1943 first registered for road use in 1958, when the conversion was done is aprox 1966 this is the only one in the world , converted by Metamet as a prototype just one of this style built and never went into production despite showing on the brochure as the metaplan, its the swb version so the chassis has not been lengthened.

1943-mb-england8 1943-mb-england9

This has hinged doors, opening boot, twin fuel tanks, four wheel drive, free wheeling hubs, hi and low range gears, fold down hood , go devil engine,it is on the dvla database so a replacement reg document should be no problems Metamet were the very well known jeep conversion and spares dealers of the past, this jeep has just emerged from a 40 year slumber in a dry shed , the engine is now running after a few hours tinkering and sounds very sweet, the spray tint has been carefully removed from the windscreen and the rear window has cleaned up nicely.

I have given it back a little of its DNA by fitting proper jeep wheels and steering wheel but the ones it had when found will be included ,jeep drives around but is a bit hairy as there are no brakes and the clutch needs adjusting but is still working just , chassis is superb condition this would be a very special vehicle for any jeep collector could be re bodied back to a standard jeep but I think is to special to do this looking for offers around £13000,”


2 Comments on “1943 MB Totnes, England £13,000

  1. Tony

    Hi, I am writing writing to ask if i might use one of these pictures of the “Metaplan” for an article on Metamet on my hobby website?

    Thank you

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Tony,

    Use as many as you’d like. There are some other Metamet docs on the site you are welcome to use as well. If you have other questions, feel free to email me directly at

    Best of luck,

    – Dave

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