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1960 DJ-3A Goshen, NY $4000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $4000.

Austin is selling this DJ-3A, which appears to be a combination of WWII parts and a DJ-3A. The axles, transfercase, transmission and rims appear to be from an MB or GPW. The hardtop is a later model version of the standard DJ-3A hardtop (has the larger rear glass door). It’s unusual to see a hardtop on a DJ-3A with the side glass (usually only seen on CJ-5s). My guess is the engine is from a DJ-3A as is the chassis.

You can contact Austin at ADewitt @ (remove the spaces around the @ before emailing).

“The jeep comes with a jeep plow. I have also replaced the clutch, water pump and have brakes and shocks for it. Here are some pictures. Project Jeep.”

1960-dj3a-4wd-goshen-ny2-lores 1960-dj3a-4wd-goshen-ny3-lores 1960-dj3a-4wd-goshen-ny5-lores 1960-dj3a-4wd-goshen-ny6-lores

1960-dj3a-4wd-goshen-ny7-lores 1960-dj3a-4wd-goshen-ny9-lores 1960-dj3a-4wd-goshen-ny4-lores 1960-dj3a-4wd-goshen-ny8-lores


4 Comments on “1960 DJ-3A Goshen, NY $4000

  1. Mike

    This is a pretty neat Jeep, I like it, Mikey likes it. This kind of swap out was very common back in the 60’s, when there was a abundance of rusted out CJ2A’s and dealers who had an abundance of traded in pizza Jeeps they didn’t know what to do with. I remember a guy in my old neighborhood in Clifton NJ did this swap on his front lawn, nobody complained, neighbors came to watch him work.

  2. Tomasz

    Hi, I am interested in your Jeep. I have just started my Willys MB project and I am looking for a suitable chassis. For my project CJ chassis will be good enough. So I will be grateful for some more information:
    1. Do you have a title?
    2. Is the frame the same as CJ-3A?
    3. Is the engine running or turning?
    4. Can you take photos of opposite side of engine and whole frame?

  3. Michael from Dayton

    Hello everyone–I am still looking for a DJ-3a body just like this ( my tub is really bad but doors and sides are good ) If anyone wants to do a deal where they get the chassis and wants to sell the body, I would be willing to buy it if it is acceptable and a decent price.

  4. SteveK

    Frame appears to be DJ as it has the rear gas tank and no V-crossmember at rear. View of driver’s side engine and mounts would help identify more of the DJ involved. A useful conversion for someone needing the enclosed cab with easy entry/exit access, great visibility, and the 4WD and Plow.

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