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1953? CJ-3B? (or a Mitsubishi) Galt, CA $4000


UPDATE: Regarding the serial number plates, my guess is that they are not original to the jeep. 

Also, Derek Redmond provided his thoughts on this jeep: “The 3B you sent is unusual indeed. You didn’t mention whether you noticed the serial number plate is from a 1953 stripped chassis 3B.  But there’s nothing that really ties that to the Jeep itself.  You’re correct about it being a Mitsu, although an earlier model than the one you found on my site.  The drawing at is pretty much identical – it would be an early 1953 CJ3B-J4.

I guess it could be just a Mitsu body dropped on the stripped chassis. I don’t know enough about Mitsu mechanical parts to tell if there are any clues in the photos.

The little bracket welded to the grille is definitely for a Japanese unit badge. The one on the driver’s side of the dash could also be for some military thing like a rifle holder, although I don’t recall seeing one before.

The fuel filler, hood cutout, glovebox, bumperettes, blackout marker lights, lack of tailgate and the windshield all say Mitsu military. The windshields almost always had a vent in the center, but some of the very earliest did not, probably when the stampings were still coming from the US. 

I have seen some Mitsu under hood photos that look like they possibly show those brackets on the fender, but it’s hard to tell.  Same with the drawing.”


This unusual “CJ-3B” has a number of odd elements. Given the passenger indents, I thought this might have a replacement body. However, the lack of a tailgate, the unusual passenger fender, the grille with a metal piece welded between the tines, and the split windshield suggested to me that this might be something else.

“1953 Willys CJ3B Jeep
Needs restored!
1953 Willys CJ3B Jeep
Needs restored!
Comes with rebuilt 4 cylinder Hurricane flathead motor; not installed.
Title lost. Been stored for 39 years. Owned for 54 years!
Miscellaneous parts”

1953-cj3b-galt-cali4 1953-cj3b-galt-cali5 1953-cj3b-galt-cali6 1953-cj3b-galt-cali7 1953-cj3b-galt-cali8 1953-cj3b-galt-cali9


3 Comments on “1953? CJ-3B? (or a Mitsubishi) Galt, CA $4000

  1. Jordi Cortés

    The serial number is American Willys Cj3b, Mitsubishi was used another numeration. Another day I will show a real serial number about Mitsubishi willys cj3b, past month I bought a 1959 Mitsubishi cj3b in Spain, were a low batch of 100 units.

    Regards for all jeepers.

  2. colin peabody

    Another interpretation of what F-head means. Seller thinks it means “FLATHEAD”. The GA2 designation usually meant a stripped chassis or possibly one built to a buyer’s specifications, which this might be.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys,

    I’ve updated the post with comments from Derek Redmond, who also suspects the is a Mitsubishi, though a version earlier than I suspected.

    While the serial number is from a 3B, Derek and I both agree we see nothing that suggests the plates came from this jeep.

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