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Year? CJ-3A? Zillah, WA **SOLD**



UPDATE: **Sold**

This is a REALLY well done build. The customizations are clean and simply executed. David has a clear title, but the serial number appears to be from the previous L-head engine (not uncommon).

The only issue with the jeep is that the hazards are staying on when the jeep is running. The switch to turn them off isn’t obvious (unclear where that is).

Here are the specs as best as I could determine:

It is a CJ-3A based on the body and the frame
Buick V6 (most likely a 225)
12 volt system
3 Speed (T-14?)
Dana 20 transfercase (single lever)
Custom radiator
Power Steering
Tilt Steering wheel (possibly out of a Cherokee jeep?)
Dana 30 front (most likely)
Dana 44 rear 30 spline axle center pumpkin
Dual tanks with a change-over valve
Swing pedals
Mechanical, but custom, clutch setup.
Dual master brake cylinder
Disc brakes in the front
Drum brakes in the rear (likely 11″)
Full Roll cage, though mounted to the body and not to the frame
Soft top
Serial number likely based on the previous L-head 4 cyl engine
Custom rear bumper





year-cj3a-zillah-wa9 year-cj3a-zillah-wa-2

year-cj3a-zillah-wa32 year-cj3a-zillah-wa4 year-cj3a-zillah-wa5Note the custom exhaust holes under the bumper:
year-cj3a-zillah-wa6 year-cj3a-zillah-wa7 year-cj3a-zillah-wa8




7 Comments on “Year? CJ-3A? Zillah, WA **SOLD**

  1. Travis Johnson

    If you would please email me additional details. We are over here near saint Regis MT

  2. David Eilers Post author

    It does look like a good, solid jeep. I’ll provide more info on Monday afternoon….

  3. Timothy J Lounsbury

    It looks like it has an aftermarket tilt column, the hazards are on the column by the key switch I bet!

  4. Blaine

    I think Timothy is right! I see the typical 70’s, 80’s hazard switch just below the ignition switch.

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