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1950? Reo Rescue Service Truck Crestline, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price.

While looking for jeeps I stumbled upon this unusual van. Looks like it would make an unusual food truck or other unique vehicle. That’s one big winch!

“According to a museum I’m consulting with, there were less than 1300 of these made and less than 50 in existence. Entertaining offers but don’t bother in the comments, compose a decent message or call Carroll’s truck parts in Galion Ohio”

1950-reo-rescue-service-van-crestline-o03 1950-reo-rescue-service-van-crestline-o02 1950-reo-rescue-service-van-crestline-o01 1950-reo-rescue-service-van-crestline-o0 1950-reo-rescue-service-van-crestline-o1 1950-reo-rescue-service-van-crestline-o2 1950-reo-rescue-service-van-crestline-oh3 1950-reo-rescue-service-van-crestline-oh4


2 Comments on “1950? Reo Rescue Service Truck Crestline, OH **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    These were used for Civil Defense (CD), Paterson NJ had one stationed at their Getty Ave firehouse. I think it was a 1955. Sold at auction many years ago.

  2. Nutty Buddy

    mike is correct , these were used as ice cream trucks when i was a small boy in TRUTH OR CONSEQUNCES , NEW MEXICO

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