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1945 MB Warden, WA $15,000


Appears worth a look.

“1945 Willys MB for sale. 30, 000 original miles. Came from California. Was never overseas. It runs very well. Has been converted to 12 volt. Also has had a tailgate installed. I have the combat wheels for it, but they are not on it. I will let it go for $15,000. Don’t bother emailing with lower “offers.” Email me your phone number and I will call you.”

1945-mb-warden-wa6 1945-mb-warden-wa7 1945-mb-warden-wa8 1945-mb-warden-wa9


3 Comments on “1945 MB Warden, WA $15,000

  1. Barney Goodwin

    I’m curious about one thing. There is a data plate or data decal on the passenger side firewall above and to the left of the air filter bracket. Perhaps a state-issued serial number? Anyone recognize this?

  2. Blaine

    Yes Barney, that is a Washington State DMV issued VIN tag. As a reminder, I live in Washington and work on cars professionally. Normally the tag is put in the door jamb. Or the tongue of a home built trailer.

  3. JohnB

    Seems very proud of it at that price considering it has a tailgate.
    And I love the photo of the dash taken in the shade.
    Can’t see much of it or judge its condition.

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