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Kentucky Mountain Scenic ‘Jeep’ Tours in an FC

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This June 28, 1970, article form the Lexington Herald describes tours of Kentucky’s Red River area via a modified FC-170. The business was started by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bowen with a VW bus, but it’s easy to imagine that a better vehicle was needed.

I looked for additional articles about this endeavor, but didn’t have any luck locating anything.


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3 Comments on “Kentucky Mountain Scenic ‘Jeep’ Tours in an FC

  1. Bingo

    That looks like a ’65 G10 chevy or GMC Handivan, with the top chopped off. Y’all kin call it a “Jeep” if’n y’all use those quotation marks.

  2. Bingo

    So…I’m half-right & half-fast? Meant no discourtesy to Dixie… I aspire to redneck status! FYI: Y’all is singular. All y’all is plural.

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