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Reproduction Body Governor Bump Stamped Hole

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Barney noticed that this CJ-3A has a non-punched governor hole that looks slightly different from a standard stock body. This *might* be another item to look for in an aftermarket body. He noted that he isn’t 100% sure this green body isn’t stock, but it’s something to look for when reviewing a jeep.

Anyone else notice this on aftermarket bodies? Or, anyone notice that the shape of the stock stamp changes over the years, making this observation less dependable for spotting aftermarket bodies?

This photo of a red body is Barney’s jeep with a non-stock body. Now how rounded the surface of the bump is:


This is the green body from this post. It too appears rounded on the surface (and the inside looks like it has additional texture):


Note that the green body seems to be missing the “notch” along the top seam of the dash, which suggest also this isn’t a stock body .. see notch above hand brake in pic below.

This is a stock 1947 CJ-2A body. The Governor bump is flatter:


More info:

barney-governor-hole-lores3 barney-governor-hole-lores2


2 Comments on “Reproduction Body Governor Bump Stamped Hole

  1. Barney Goodwin

    In the original Broken Arrow, OK post, the seller says it’s a 2A for which this dash port would be correct. When I compared the stock parts and owners manual photos of the dash for the later 3A, Willys had removed it. Photo of red dash is from our 48 2A wrecker and we believe it has a very early repro body on it. The port elevation as shown is poorly stamped, unless (help me here) it is supposed to be stamped at a slight angle so that you’re pulling it slightly to the left for ease of grabbing. The tan one above seems to show the same. And that minute difference would not effect the cable integrity.

  2. Terry

    Yes the ”bump” on the right side of the hole is more pronounced and flatter on the left side of the hole to give a slight angle on an original jeep.

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