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Been a Busy Few Days

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Monday I’ll have a regular update …

We’ve had family in town the last couple of days, so life’s been busy. The past week we also picked up Ann’s new Ford F-350 Lariat Dually, which will allow us to do some heavier towing, such as moving cattle around, pulling a tractor with our tilt trailer, and potentially towing a heavier jeep (more on this next month if everything goes as planned).

We happened to get lucky that Ann was at the Ford dealership testing out front seats on Wednesday when the new Dually was delivered from the factory, only to be declined by the person who had ordered it and put down a downpayment. That was good news for us, as there is an 8-10 month wait on these trucks. Ann loved the comfort of the seats, so that pretty much sold the truck. (We had been looking at a Cherry Red Silverado Dually 3500, which we really liked, but the seats weren’t very comfortable).

Here are just a couple pics:

2022-09-09-ford-f350-fx4-lariat-1 2022-09-09-ford-f350-fx4-lariat-2

This past week I also got this last of-the-big bunkhouse projects completed. The rear of the house wasn’t very good looking. The crawl space access had a wood lid that tilted down towards the house, so water could run into a portion of the crawl space. In the middle is a septic pump that moves waste from the bunkhouse to the septic tank. To the right of that is the crawl space access. In front of both items is an area where the septic pipe from the pump drops into the ground (so needs to be covered.

Perhaps the biggest challenge was using reclaimed, deformed and twisted pressure treated wood to build this. Between cutting down he pieces and using clamps, I was able to straighten the wood enough to make it usable.  Now instead of two different doors for accessing the pump and crawl space there is one larger door.







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  1. Bingo

    Definitely the boss’/foreman’s (work) truck! Cupholders & heated seats sealed the deal. Did it come with a free bullwhip?

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