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1963 CJ-5 Goshen, VA $800


Tom shared this parts CJ-5 or project. There seems to be value here. It has a Kelly hardtop.

“63 Jeep I bought with intentions of building a toy. The engine is not in it but comes with it. The title has been lost but you can send off for a replacement title. I didn’t need one because I was building a off-road toy. Too many projects, not enough time. $800 obro”

1963-cj5-goshen-va1 1963-cj5-goshen-va2 1963-cj5-goshen-va3 1963-cj5-goshen-va4


3 Comments on “1963 CJ-5 Goshen, VA $800

  1. Barney Goodwin

    In most states, the “sending off for a title” is done by the selling owner. The owner can apply for a lost title with ID if they are the actual owner. Some bureaus may require other proof such as old insurance papers, etc. Otherwise, I wouldn’t touch it unless for parts.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    It sure seems like the lack-of-a-title issue only seems to becoming more problematic.

    – Dave

  3. Barney Goodwin

    It really is, and not just in Jeeps though I think it’s easier to happen in the Jeep world, especially the older models that served on farms or Contruction and such. Vehicles are in barns or melting down in the back lot so long that a title is just another paper that got tossed many years before. We get calls all the time wanting to sell us an early Jeep “that was grampa’s who just passed”, but when asked about a title, they say, “That’s the problem…”. And unfortunately, often it’s a relative trying to do an end run around the estate or probate.
    – Barney

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