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1943 GPW Rosendale, WI $87,500


Not sure about the price on this one, but it is unusual in that it has been widened and lengthened. It is unclear to me what axles this uses.

1943-gpw-modified-appleton-wi5 1943-gpw-modified-appleton-wi6 1943-gpw-modified-appleton-wi7 1943-gpw-modified-appleton-wi8 1943-gpw-modified-appleton-wi9

“1943 Ford BB GPW JEEP. Clear GPW title but I call it the BB for big boy. It is about ten inches wider and about two feet longer then the normal WWII Jeep. For anyone larger that can not fit into a normal WWII jeep, this should fit you like a glove and is for you. Or for other person this has plenty of steering wheel and leg room. It has power steering, power brakes with a four cylinder fuel injected engine with the five speed manual trans.

This bad boy head turner has done 70 mph plus down the highway (speed limit) with more to go, and it rides and handles like a dream. In honor of our military persons and to help make them feel proud as they should, I have had many of our USA Veteran’s (past and present) sign the jeep in there honor.

This is a one of a kind proto type WWII Jeep and I dont think there is another like it in the world. I can work with you to have it shipped, or you can come pick it up and drive it home to any of the 49 states or where you can get to by land. The right top fender has a floor jack and tools that looks like a machine gun”


3 Comments on “1943 GPW Rosendale, WI $87,500

  1. Jim D

    It’s probably what he’s looking for! it appears he believes he created a folk-art piece with all the veteran signatures. (not sure how long those will last) Now, if it had been signed by General George S Patton Jr, maybe!
    “Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.”
    ― George S. Patton Jr.

  2. JohnB

    GPW meets CJ-7?
    I wonder what the frame is?
    I hope it is not a “Cut-add-reweld” I’m not sure I’d trust a non pro to do that to a frame I was riding in at “70 mph”.

    The front grill has the \ & / angles of a M151.
    Not a bad idea considering how small flat fenders are…I’m 6’3″ and 1 95, and I can’t get comfortably in one…which is why I have a M38A-1.

    As far As the price, at that price it out be be signed by Eisenhower, Patton and Henry Ford.

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