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Green Plastic CJ-2A Jeep Toy

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UPDATE: Thanks to readers for the additional info. The tires are original and it is a Marx Fix-All, a jeep that included the tools shown.

I won this green CJ-2A toy jeep on eBay a couple weeks ago. Other than the tires, which are marked “Marx”, there is no identifying brand. However, it isn’t clear to me that the tires are original (especially given that a couple different nuts hold the tires to the jeep).

The jeep has lots of details. On the underside, there are body mounts, a PTO, a crossmember, a transfercase brake and other identifiable objects. The engine seems about the right size. The windshield looks CJ-2Aish. It’s got a relatively accurate grille and front weight. The spare tire location is fairly accurate.

Curiously, the dash has a glove box and there are six spark plug wires on the otherwise L-head-looking engine. The fact that the toy is “stamped” JEEP in ways that remind me of a CJ-2 is also puzzling.

The plastic quality isn’t the best, which means it does have some broken parts. In addition, the soft top is missing it’s roof. So, not a perfect specimen. Can anyone identify this toy’s manufacturer?


The tires have “Marx” on them, but it’s not clear to me they are original. Certainly, the some of the nuts holding the tires to the jeep aren’t original.


The grille, lights, and windshield give it a pretty accurate jeep look. The JEEP stamped on the hood and windshield give it a CJ-2 feel.


I would say the green jeep is about half the size of an Ogelsby jeep, but in several ways has more accurate details.



It’s unclear to me whether these tools came with the jeep originally.


No the glovebox on the dash.


The wheel wells and cargo bed have pretty accurate looking grooves.


Even the top has details.


All kinds of details underneath.


9 Comments on “Green Plastic CJ-2A Jeep Toy

  1. Mike

    This is an interesting model Jeep, any tiny markings on the underside as to where it was made, USA, Japan? Just through my own experience collecting toys, I have found that many well known toy makers such as Louis Marx also produced toys using lesser known BRAND NAMES. The name MARS, seems to ring a bell in my aging memory, I am taking a guess, but I connect the MARS name with Louis Marx. I had a Louis Marx Construction play set and the name on the toy tin construction shack was MARS CONSTRUCTION CO. Many of the toy trucks in this set resembled real truck makes.

  2. Scott Anderson

    Marx Fix-All Jeep from 60’s. Came with tools, engine, jack etc.
    Good find. I had some other similar Marx Fix-All toys back in the day. Marx were by far my favorite brand of toys and plat sets.

  3. Roger Martin

    I have a red plastic Jeep toy just like this green one only mines is missing some parts. Mine also says marx on the wheels

  4. Terry

    This is one of MARX Fix-All line, made in red, green and yellow. Sold at SEARS as “TAKE A PART” Jeep. Yes, made in USA. I got one for Christmas in 1958.

  5. Mike

    Terry, Thanks for confirming that fact, My memory is still intact. I had a really good hunch it was Louis Marx.

  6. Terry

    This is one of MARX FIX-ALL line, it was made in red, green and yellow. Sold at SEARS as ‘TAKE A PART’ Jeep, yes made in USA. I got one for Christmas in 1958.

  7. JohnB

    I’ve never seen that, though I do know about the many Marx playsets…which were also sold by Sears.
    Cape Canaveral, Fort Apache, Army men and vehickes, and IIRC, a metal service station with plastic cars and accessories.

    I would have loved that as a kid, I loved Jeeps…even before a neighbor let me drive his M38A1 out in the country..I was about 10!

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