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Unknown Green Hardtop

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UPDATE: I learned this top was manufactured by a metal worker who manufactured tops for custom tractor trailer companies. He couldn’t find the top he wanted, to he made this one. 

I was asked to look at a top located in Oklahoma last night on a Facebook group. It turned out to be one I’d never seen. Anyone ever seen one like this?

This first photo shows multiple unusual accents. First, the rear roof lines are unlike any other top I’ve seen. The rear of the roof looks to be a 90 degree angle, but at the sides, there is a slope that moves towards the front to hug the rounded edges. The roof’s edges look to be sectioned as goes over the edge, rather than round.  The hinge-type is different. The existence of a wiper suggests it may have been constructed later than most vintage tops (or added onto the top at a later date). The windows appear appear standard sized, as if reused from a Kelly, Koenig, or Meyer hardtop. The front of the top edges inward towards the front, suggestion it was made for a flat fender.

These doors have been indented in a way that allows for a flat piece of glass or plastic. They also look to be suicide doors, with the handle at the front and hinges in back.


The windshield might be the most unusual aspect. Given its short heigh, I think it might be for a CJ-3B.




2 Comments on “Unknown Green Hardtop

  1. Mike

    The more I look at this top, the more I see a factory style side panels and rear hatch with a very well done fabrication on the roof panel and doors, windshield. Back in the 1960’s Clifton, NJ, a local fireman took a Meyer CJ5 top from a 67 CJ5 and did great “NIP & TUCK” to make a perfect fit for his CJ3A. I think that’s what was done here. My 2 cents.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Mike,

    That is a possibility. I added some information at the top of the post. We now know it is a custom top that was made by an experienced metal worker.

    – Dave

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