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1946 Press Release Packet for the ‘Jeep’ Station Wagon

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I thought I would score this incredibly rare July 24, 1946, Willys-Overland Press Release packet for the ‘Jeep” Station Wagon so I could share its contents with everyone, but $302 wasn’t high enough (it sold for $308). So, congrats to the winner. I did win a few other cool items though.

It’s construction and elements is similar to the previous year’s CJ-2A Press Release packet, documented here:

jeep-station-wagon-promotional-release-materials1 jeep-station-wagon-promotional-release-materials2

jeep-station-wagon-promotional-release-materials5 jeep-station-wagon-promotional-release-materials3

jeep-station-wagon-promotional-release-materials4 jeep-station-wagon-promotional-release-materials6 jeep-station-wagon-promotional-release-materials7 jeep-station-wagon-promotional-release-materials8



3 Comments on “1946 Press Release Packet for the ‘Jeep’ Station Wagon

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Just to make a light moment: Anyone notice that 3 of 6 characters on the cover have a pipe in their hand?

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