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Various Updates

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As usual, it’s been a busy few weeks around here. By late October, the awesome warm fall weather began giving way to colder than normal temps, so we became incentivized to finish outdoor stuff up before the really cold weather hit.

I added landscaping rock around the bunkhouse, the north side of the shop, and around the newly moved propane tank (still need to add the fence boards around the tank). The best part of this landscaping rock is that it was free, as our neighbor had a bunch of left over rock he wasn’t going to use. That saved us about $1000.

The dirt areas on either side of the walkway will become grass, but we ran out of time to complete the prep on that (may have to wait until Spring).

All the water systems have been blown and heaters installed in a couple areas related to the water systems. We didn’t quite get to burying the pipes underground for the cow’s water trough, so I buried a hose, which should work for the winter. (we did get the booster water pump fixed; didn’t cost much, so that was good)

To save on some feed costs, we lined up some of our panels so the cows can access the entrance for the neighbor’s property to eat down his pasture grass. This also saves me from having to drop hay during this cold snap.

Now, suddenly we are about a week away from Thanksgiving. Time sure does fly!

As a reminder, this is how things looked before the walkways and landscaping:


Here are some current pictures:

2022-11-03-bunkhouse-changes0 2022-11-03-bunkhouse-changes1 2022-11-03-bunkhouse-changes2

2022-11-03-bunkhouse-changes3 2022-11-03-bunkhouse-changes4 2022-11-03-bunkhouse-changes5



4 Comments on “Various Updates

  1. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave……the place is really taking shape. You guys have certainly made it your own. Sounds like you have a good winter plan for the livestock. Certainly brings back memories of growing up on our small family farm in Iowa back in the dark ages ! Seems like both mother nature and the nature of animals will always be ready to throw you a curve. Best of luck and keep us updated.

  2. Bill Garland

    Very nice place Dave! I’m thinking about building something like that up on my mountain property next year

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Bill: I could see something similar at your place!
    Allan: Thanks. We are definitely figuring it out as we go along (and we have plenty of neighborhood folks to lean on).

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