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Sears-Type Meyers Half Cab Scotts Valley, CA Free


Dave saved this Sears/Allstate (likely) branded half cab from a neighbor. He has no use for it, so thought someone on ewillys might be able to use it. He is given it away, but don’t be shy about kicking him some coffee money as a thanks. Email is 45fordgpw @ gmail.

Dave wrote, “I was driving my GPW here in town a few months ago when a lady stopped me. She asked if I’d like to take from her a WW2 jeep hardtop. I took her up on the offer to view it, knowing such a thing didn’t exist. She lives over in Ben Lomond and was going to scrap it at the dump, so I rescued it from her. I know next to nothing about these post war hardtops, but figured you’d be a great person to contact. There are no data plate or markings that I can find.  It’s thin gauge but very well made. Half-tops, or pickup tops, we used to call these. Plexiglass is still in one door. I like the hooked stops welded inside the door to rest the glass in different open positions. It’s dirty, with peeling paint, but very salvageable.”

sears-hardtop-sv-ca1 sears-hardtop-sv-ca2 sears-hardtop-sv-ca3 sears-hardtop-sv-ca4

sears-hardtop-sv-ca5 sears-hardtop-sv-ca6


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