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1961 CJ-3B Fitchburg, MA Cogan Station, PA $9000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/14/2019) Looks like a custom slanted-hood 3B, similar to project 5607.

1961-cj3b-fitchburg-ma1 1961-cj3b-fitchburg-ma2 1961-cj3b-fitchburg-ma3 1961-cj3b-fitchburg-ma4 1961-cj3b-fitchburg-ma5

Newer Text: “1961 Willys CJ3B extreme terrain jeep heavily modified. Fhead 104 replaced with chevy V8 283. C channel frame stiffened by welding steel plate to close the C channel into a Box. Power Steering, solid state ignition, overdrive , oversize tires. two gas tanks. Body is amazingly solid for a jeep this ol

Text from January 2020: “1961 WILLYS CJ3B CUSTOM Options and Equipment: Less than 1000 miles on rebuilt Chevy 283 V8 (60psi oil pressure) rams head manifolds, dual exhaust (very quiet) aluminum radiator, power steering, boxed frame, 9000lb winch, 32” Procomp tires, lift kit, springs, shocks, rear locking diff, superwinch hubs, dual fuel tanks, 3 speed transmission, twin stick transfer case with gear splitter overdrive between them giving you a choice of 12 forward gears and 4 reverse.

Custom built rear bumper with receiver hitch and handmade aluminum swing out cooler rack. New Original seats, full roll cage, and more that I’m forgetting. Previous owner went through the carb, new battery, replaced the plugs, changed the oil, filters, tuned up etc. Though in excellent shape, this is a used 58 year old custom built Jeep and as you would expect there are imperfections, scratches, dings, wear, etc.

There is a little rust spot under the paint on the drivers floor board, I can see a little bondo under the paint in the bed and there some old rust in the hat channels underneath (see photos) SW Colorado is very dry, it has not changed in the time I’ve owned it but it needs to be noted. The paint needs to be cut and buffed, has oxidation and a few scratches but will shine up very nice. Throw-out bearing makes some noise sometimes, usually when its cold.”


19 Comments on “1961 CJ-3B Fitchburg, MA Cogan Station, PA $9000

  1. peter45cj

    I’m a little late to the Party but I think it’s got a good look. Hey Bob at least there is no mention of the words restored or original and yeah kind of pricey.

  2. Terry

    Again I’ll comment : It’s still for sale because it is only available to Facebook users , if he provided an Email or phone number , it may sell .

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Terry: At this point, many folks are so frustrated with or scared of email and phone scams that they are afraid to post personal info. I dislike FB Marketplace for multiple reasons and wish I didn’t have to refer to it, but too much is happening there for me to ignore. If it weren’t for eWillys, I wouldn’t be on FB (I do not use Twitter, Instagram, snapchat or other social media sites that I’m too old to know about).

  4. Terry

    In the last 50 years I have sold dozens of old cars ,jeeps , old trucks ( sold my first willys in 1969) using newspapers , magazines (Hemmings ) , CL , sign on windshield and always put my phone number . I have never been scammed . Have got a few calls from dopes ,but that’s the fun of it . My point is ,if you want to sell something open it up to the most people . You can’t get scammed on Facebook ??

  5. Alaska Paul

    The Goddess just told me YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are planning to merge ….. Their new name will be YouTwitFace.
    That’s all, Paul

  6. Mike

    As I remember, the previous price was a lot higher, being it now is for sale again, different location, it makes me think it was an “INPULSE BUY”. that some one now regrets.

  7. Mike

    Still for sale, the “clock keeps ticking”, Although this is a nice build, I think that weird hood turns off potential buyers.

  8. David Eilers Post author


    Agreed. I’m surprised it hasn’t sold. Maybe the seller sold it, but never removed the ad?

    – Dave

  9. Eric


    It’s still available, I’m going to be up by there for the holidays and reached out to the owner. I’ll update everyone as I find out more.


  10. Mike

    Judging from how long this Willys has been for sale, I’d say there is an “inflated market place, not only for Jeeps, bust but all the vintage collectable vehicles. Just scroll down the list here on EWILLYS and see all the price reductions and still for sale listings. This reflects the TRUE market place, not driven by those big name actions we see on the home screen. My opinion for what it’s worth.

  11. Eric

    I appreciate the insight. It seems like the classic market overall is slowing with the economy here. Im trying to put a value on this one, but the owner hasn’t provided me any underbody shots of the tub/frame or any bondo spots. Does anyone have any insight on a good price to offer or start with?


  12. Mike

    Eric, I like this Jeep, it’s a good price, but first I’d want the seller to provide me with answers to my inquires, it could give us some insight as to why it’s been for sale for so long. At any rate, I always handle deals by offering a LOWER Price than I am willing to buy. In other words, you don’t want to pay too much, but on the other hand, if you agree to pay asking price, no way of negotiating a deal, a little horse trading is to your advantage. If you are satisfied with the vehicle, and eager to buy, don’t throw money at it, start low, and work your way up, meet someplace in the middle. Remember, the selling price is the price buyer & seller agree upon. As we say in New Jersey, :make him an offer he can’t refuse”.

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