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1948? Champion Doo-All Trailer Brochure

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UPDATE: Here is what looks to be a Champion Doo-All Roll-Dump trailer for sale for $500. Thanks to Gary for spotting it. Gary contacted the seller and he is willing to transport it to Gary’s place for $50 in case anyone might be interested in this rare trailer.

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I can find no date for this Champion Company Doo-All ‘Jeep” Trailer brochure. Give only CJ-2As are shown, I initially thought this was published around 1948. However, the lack of Jeep wagons or trucks may indicate the brochure was published earlier than that. The from number is S-3-T.

This first 8″x11.5″ page is the front page:


The brochure opens horizontally to review a second page.


The right page opens horizontally again, to reveal a trip-fold:


This is the back of the brochure:


This is the back of the brochure when fully opened:



5 Comments on “1948? Champion Doo-All Trailer Brochure

  1. JW

    I’d like to have one of doo-all trailers. Appears to be built well and really versatile. Much more useful than utility trailers today. Anybody ever see one in the wild?

  2. David Eilers Post author


    If I had seen one, I probably wouldn’t have recognized it as being Willys related. I will watch more carefully.

    Additionally, a company began in the 1990s producing Champion trailers, so doing searches for Champion trailers hasn’t been very useful.

    – Dave

  3. Terry

    Note, this is a trailer and not a semi-trailer, Bantam, Spen, Knox, most boat and house trailers are semi-trailers, the weight rests on the rear bumper or hitch of the vehicle. The Champion trailer has its own ‘fifth wheel ‘ so it can carry much more weight.

  4. Mark S.

    Looks like it is currently setup to go on a tractor with a 3-point hitch. It does not seem to be severely modified, looks like front wheels would still bolt on, but I bet they would be hard to find, The ad does not state that the front wheels are available.

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