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1963 Jeep J-200 Townside on eBay

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Barney Goodwin shared this ad and confirmed the rare bed was an early option. He noted, “Just to confirm. We have the leather factory presentation book from September, 1962, and it shows the Townside bed was an option on all 3 models 100, 200 and 300. It’s a really neat book. Actual color photographs pasted into gold printed fames and all the specs and details.. In 1962, the factory hired an additional 1000 employees for the J-series line.”

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“Awesome solid restoration project up for grabs! ONE WEEK AUCTION! NO RESERVE! MUST BE PICKED UP BY NOVEMBER 30TH! Original low mileage 1963 Willy’s Jeep Gladiator J200 4×4 with the Townside bed and Western Plow. Tornado 260 engine with the 3-on-the tree standard transmission. This truck is extremely solid for a truck that spent much of it’s life as a camp plow truck in the Adirondacks. Very low 29,151 miles on it. It will run and drive however the mechanical fuel pump died and the previous owner put in an electrical unit that has too much pressure and it keeps flooding the carb. Aside from that, all I can think of that it would need is some new rubber gaskets on the gas tank filler pipe. They dried out.

It should be hauled on a flat bed for pickup. That is how it came to me and it will fit on a standard flatebed with no issues with the plow on it. I bought this truck with high hopes of restoring it but alas I am moving and the storage building I had lined up for winter has now been sold to some shady hemp guys and now I am out of inside space and I do not want to see this awesome truck sit outside for winter. Frame, cab, rockers, bed, floors…all of it very solid with very minimal rust issues. This truck will clean up very nicely. Original BF Goodrich Silvertown Extra Mile 8-ply tires on it all the way around which is very cool. Comes with a few extra bits in the cab that the previous owner threw in.

Since we are moving, be aware that this truck will need to be paid for in full and picked up in Bridport, VT no later then November 30th.

Can send extra photos if you need any specific area photographed.

Sold on bill of sale. Can obtain VT transferable registration which will act as a transferable registration for a nominal additional fee. $500 non-refundable deposit due within 24 hours of end of auction. “


6 Comments on “1963 Jeep J-200 Townside on eBay

  1. Mike

    And no bids with less than 2 hours to go. Appears to a good buy, but yet not a popular sought after Kaiser Jeep model.

  2. Mike

    Auction ended with NO Bids. Although a good value at this price, may have a bit too high compared to similar Gladiators listed on eBay. Being that this is a slow news day, and most of us are still suffering from turkey overload, I’m going to take the liberty to ramble a bit.
    Remember, being this is the new design, first year, Kaiser was still selling the old design pick up & wagons as well. This detracted from sales because the old design was well liked and still is today reflected in the high prices the old Willys pick ups & wagons command today compared to the J series pickups in today’s market.
    Another drawback is the Tornado overhead cam 6 cylinder engine, done away with in the mid 60’s and replaced with a straight 6OHV engine and a V/8 borrowed from other car manufacturers. I’m not an expert on this stuff, just voicing an opinion. Needed to be sold by 11/30/22, a little too pressed for time if someone bought it, then needed to arrange for transport. End of sermon…

  3. Mike

    One other thing, mentioned is that the “townside’ pick up box is rare compared to the “Thriftside”, in New Jersey it was just the opposite. Most Gladiators were Townsides, In all my 60 years in NJ, I only saw 2 “thriftsides.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    Thanks for the insights. That’s interesting; I wonder why NJ had so many Townsides?

    It could also be the timing of the sale. I don’t think late Nov-Dec is the best time to be selling vehicles. I feel like they sit longer during the holidays.

    – Dave

  5. Matt

    After keeping up with the 60s J truck market for the past few years I have noticed the majority of them are townsides. I would guesstimate 80% of the ones that come up are townsides. The thriftsides seem to be more sought-after and bring a little bit more money. Once you get into the late 60s they started winding down production of the thriftsides probably as the demand for them dropped. The J3000 (long wheelbase) thriftside seems to be the hardest one to find.

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