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Al-Toy Collection Articles

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These two Toledo Blade articles, one from 1991 and the other from an unknown time, discuss Al-toys and their upcoming sales. If anyone has a truck, wagon, Jeepster, or fire jeep Al-Toy they are considering selling, let me know!

This article shows Jim Cook’s collection, which includes two different fire engine Al-Toys.



4 Comments on “Al-Toy Collection Articles

  1. Glenn Byron

    Hi, I’ve used the Jim Cook article since it was written as background info for my Al-Toy Collection Display at car shows. I have 4 complete sets of the Al-Toy Christmas Gift Program, 1945 CJ2A, 1946 Pickup, 1947 Jeepster, 1948 Station Wagon, and the 1949 Fire Truck. Colin Peabody and I have assembled some info about this little known inside The Overland program for VP and above execs and Derek Redmond has published nice articles to help further research. We have written for Willys Club publications. If I didn’t show you the massive bunch of Al-Toy models when you were here I failed you miserably. I’m sorry. I certainly have more than my share, probably numbering more than a hundred. Roam around CJ3B Info site for more.

  2. Colin Peabody

    Glenn is the most up to
    Date and ardent collector of the Al-Toy models. I only have one complete set, but I do have 2 station wagons, one of which has never been played with and was still in its original box dated 12/48. It is in as perfect condition as possible except the plastic windows have shrunk over the past 74 years, but are still in place. It was originally given to a phone company employee who did the phone maintenance at Jeep. He was given two, one of which he let his kids play with, the other he put away. Before he died, he gave it to his son. He kept it for years but found none of his kids wanted it. He contacted Derek on the CJ3B page who got in touch with Glenn and me, I was in a position to make the deal so it became a star in my collection. The first wagon I got is residing in the box the perfect one was in. Both are in my display case.

  3. Keith

    The Altoys in that photo were sold via phone bid to a collector in Colorado.

    Barney Roos’s grandson was given one for christmas one year. Ron Syzmanski gave me a copy of the letter Barney sent with it. His grandson just passed away in the last year and his wife Cleta was also telling me about it, (He apparently had two). I recommended both stay in the family.

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