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Meyer CJ-5 Hardtop Shelbyville, IL $250


Seller indicates this would fit a 2A, but it would do so poorly. The top is disassembled and a little rough, but the price seems good.

cj5-hardtop-shelbyville-il1 cj5-hardtop-shelbyville-il2

“Jeep hard top which needs restored. Pretty solid and all the glass is in it. Have metal doors to go with it but need restored as well. The door glass is there. The top and doors were disassembled to restore but got a different top, so did not finish the restore. This is a FCFS and no holding. If it is listed then it is available and when it is sold it will be marked sold. I believe this top is for an older jeep CJ5 but will fit others. I have had it on my CJ5 but I am sure it will fit a CJ2a as well.”


2 Comments on “Meyer CJ-5 Hardtop Shelbyville, IL $250

  1. Steak Body

    meyer top — the slight forward angle on the back of the top is the clue — plus external hinges on the rear door — if you could see the doors , that would clinch it .

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Agreed, the doors would clinch it. I think you are right about the back angle vis a vis Meyer tops. It was the disassembled parts that threw me. I couldn’t remember if Meyer hardtops disassembled like that, but I know some later Kelly tops did.

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