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1966 CJ-5 Steelville, MO $1000


UDPATE: Robert shared some additional pics:

Contact the seller at 573 786 2220 or rwd @ This has a rear PTO gearbox.

1966 Kaiser-Willys CJ-5, currently not running needs carb. & fuel pump work, engine NOT locked, body rough, frame cracked has been welded, rear PTO works, front pto winch no split transfer case, 7.00 x 15 8 ply tires 60%, 4WD works in hi-lo, brakes work, clean title.”

1966-cj5-steelville-mo4 1966-cj5-steelville-m5 1966-cj5-steelville-mo6 1966-cj5-steelville-mo7 1966-cj5-steelville-mo8 1966-cj5-steelville-mo9


2 Comments on “1966 CJ-5 Steelville, MO $1000

  1. Dave from Mn

    Could be a fair deal. I would almost guess it would be a four-cylinder but maybe it had the new dauntless V6. PTO box, shaft and shifter have value.PTO winch might be a nice piece, question is what kind of shifter is used for that and the PTO, is it independent twin sticks? that would have a fair amount of value. If it was in my neighborhood, I’d go check it out.

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