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Nice CJ-2A (or CJGA) Story From the Pocahontas Times (WV)

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I found this nice story on Facebook about a CJ-2A, but I no longer have the link to the post. The article writer, Suzanne Stewart, has accidentally invented a new model of jeep, the C2GA.


PHOTO CREDIT: Bill Hevener, via the Pocahontas Times.


4 Comments on “Nice CJ-2A (or CJGA) Story From the Pocahontas Times (WV)

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Looks like it has a fording pipe for the exhaust. At first I thought it was to keep exhaust off the cattle. After my morning cup of coffee, I realized it was probably due to shallow creeks on the farm.

  2. Lewis N. Clark

    Nice story.
    I missed it since I subscribe just to the Sacagawea Herald.

    Seriously, nice story, our local paper doesn’t print stuff like thar, they are too busy telling you who to vote for.

  3. Mark S.

    Barney, I think your first idea might be correct, especially if the jeep was used to feed the cattle and they followed behind it.

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