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CJ-3B Chassis and Various Parts Smithfield, ME


Glenn’s got a variety of parts for sale.

“FLAT FENDERED & HIGH HOOD CJ3B’s. (7+) I’ve bought too much and just can’t haul the extras in for scrap. Rolling chasis as shown $250 loaded on your hauler, Usable frame -$100, Front or Rear Axles- $100 each, F-134 & l-134 engine- $100 each, Radiator – $100, Transfer case $100, little pieces, much already disassembled, if you are building a flat fender CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B (1945-1964) you should come by to pick my bones before snow comes. Some parts may fit other models. Got some nice Driver Quality WILLYS ( AERO) too if you don’t want to build yourself. Willys Jeep Special Equipment stash. Playin’ with Willys history, toys and literature for 60 years. No place to store this extra stuff. Contact to discuss.”



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