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Mail Carrier Put 138,000 Miles on Wagon

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UPDATE: First posted October 15, 2017.

The February 1955 issue of Kaiser Willys News showcased a mail carrier who put 138,000 miles on a wagon in the Idaho/Yellowstone area.

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10 Comments on “Mail Carrier Put 138,000 Miles on Wagon

  1. Vernon Haggard

    I hope to god that his willys wagon was a 6-226 model — the f-134 model would not cut the mustard on any CONTINENTAL DIVIDE !! — I remember the time I towed a 49 jeepster behind my 4 cyl 1948 willys truck — Humboldt co. calif to the sf bay area — hahahahaha — I had to use the low range ON HIGHWAY 101 !!!

  2. Vernon Haggard

    PS — the aero-willys in the picture look like a 4dr AERO-FALCON ? — I have the 1953 aero-eagle and the 1953 2dr aero-falcon .

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Low range on 101? Yikes! I hoe that was a while ago. I’ve driven 101 a bunch and there is no patience on that highway for slow traffic.

  4. Dan B.


    Were you living in Humboldt County at the time? I’m from Eureka…parts of my family’s been up there for about 100 years.

  5. Nick

    Great find. What a different time when these jobs were recognized, and people took such pride in doing them. Today it’s estimated the latest generation will have 15-20 different jobs throughout their lifetime, up from the previous number of 12.

  6. Mike

    Just as an update to this post, I find it hard to believe that this Willys wagon could travel 138,000 miles without a major overhaul. By the way, speaking of updates, what ever happened to “Alaska Paul” haven’t seen posts from him for quite a while.

  7. Dennis in Astoria

    He spent 30 years as a trucker with an estimated two million miles driving on the road. Maybe he was religious in doing regular maintenance to keep his wagon in top running condition, to avoid potential break downs driving the route that probably did not see a lot of other traffic at the time.

  8. Jack Boggetti

    Great article David, thanks for posting it. I have lived in and around the Ashton, Idaho area for the past 40 years. I remember hearing stories about Nick and his mail route but don’t have much detailed information. I have sent a copy of the article to a local historian and will share any additional I get from him.

  9. David Eilers Post author


    Clearly, he was a local LEGEND! That’s great! Happy New year!

    – Dave

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