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Postcard & 1942 Photo of Ford GP “Super Jeep” 6×6

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UPDATE II: There’s no date on this rare 6×6 Super Jeep postcard that I just picked up from eBay. I imagine this was published around 1942 or 43. It looks like the postcard was based on this press photo at the bottom of this post.

super-jeep-6x6-postcard-1 super-jeep-6x6-postcard-2


Originally poste on February 13, 2014: 

Craig spotted this rare photo. It shows a Ford GP 6×6, which also appears to be called a Ford GP T14 37mm. I’m not clear on how many were made, but this one (or something very similar) can be seen here:

1942-04-18-ford-gp-6x6-1 1942-04-18-ford-gp-6x6-2


8 Comments on “Postcard & 1942 Photo of Ford GP “Super Jeep” 6×6

  1. muley

    There was a running, driving MT tug at a small show a buddy put on in Dillon Montana 5 or 6 years ago. Just about the coolest jeep i’ve ever seen.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    I thought that was a spare tire until I read the info on the back of the photo – retractible wheels to prevent bellying. The Captain’s personal project at the base holly shop! lol

  3. Brad

    After reading the description of the retractable wheels I can’t see any kind of hub assembly in the photo or postcard.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    Brad, I agree. That narrative on the back was written by a reporter. Perhaps he made an assumption?
    And, to edit my post above “base HOBBY shop”.

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