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Sportif, Dispatcher, Beach Comber, Commuter & DJ-6A

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UPDATE: Roger Jordan posted this rare photo of a DJ-6A concept vehicle on Facebook. It reminds me of the Dispatcher-100 and Sportif models, so I’ll add it to this page



Originally posted April 8, 2019:

As most folks know, Brooks Stevens was instrumental in numerous production and concept car designs. One of the lesser known projects was, apparently, an offshoot of the DJ-3A 2WD line. There are four documented designs, two of which became concept vehicles.


The Dispatcher and the Sportif concept cars.

  1. The Sportif: This DJ-3A-like vehicle appears to use the DJ-3A convertible windshield and hood, to which some stylistic designs have been added. There are a variety of undated pics at the Milwaukee Art Museum’s website which tags the images as being prototypes for the Canadian Market. A March-April 1995 Willys World article dates the pics to 1959. Brook Stevens is pictured in both images.


    Link to Milwaukee Art Museum

  2. The Dispatcher (aka Dispatcher Sportif) and Dispatcher 100: The Milwaukee Art Museum labels this simply as the Dispatcher, but other placed identify this as the Dispatcher 100 or Dispatcher Sportif. You can see all the pics at the Museum’s website.

    Dispatcher 100: Derek Redmond published a slightly different version of this concept at the CJ-3B page. It’s titled the Dispatcher 100 (has an insignia with the name on the passenger door) and it may represent a slight update or next evolution of the “Dispatcher” above. The cover on the passenger side cowl suggests this might have been made from the later model DJ-3A body (which used the hole for a heater vent).

  3. Jeep Beach Comber: This fanciful 2WD vehicle looks inspired by the DJ-3A Surrey, one designs for beaches and vacation rentals. There’s only one image of it at the Milwaukee Art Museum. This appears to use the later model Willys hubcaps seen on the Surreys.
  4. Jeep Commuter 100: It looks to be a roomier version of the other vehicles, but with a top that allowed lots of visibility. There’s only one image of it at the Milwaukee Art Museum. This jeep also appears to use the later model Willys hubcaps seen on the Surreys. I can attest that the low windshield and low soft top (if that is a soft top) would have made it difficult for 6-footers like me to climb back into the rear seat.

12 Comments on “Sportif, Dispatcher, Beach Comber, Commuter & DJ-6A

  1. SteveK

    The bumpers in the two “cruisers” and “full cover hubcaps” seem to have come from the 52-54 Aeros… 52- and 54- Later Aeros and Brazilian Aeros and wagons for the 60’s seem to have been designed with the bigger flatter bumpers as in the concepts… Willys used “everything available” whenever possible. I wonder if those “stretched versions were made with Aero frames??? If interested, check out some different Willys Aeros from a search I did…

  2. Tate

    The Sportif and Dispatcher Sportif are pretty styling little vehicles. Thanks for posting this information.

  3. Mike

    I always thought of Brook Stevens as a creative genius. The potential of the above concept vehicles seemed to be not taken seriously at that point in time. As far as I’m concerned, all ahead of their time.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    I’ve had the pics for several years, but I can’t remember why I didn’t do anything with them. I imagine there’s more gathering dust that I haven’t published….

  5. Allan J. Knepper

    Glad to see our Milwaukee Art Museum being a great source for Willys history. Brooks Stevens left his mark on lots of great designs in the Wisconsin area. Reminds me I need to get some Spring work done and then head down to the museum in the next couple of weeks.


    no.1 — willys aero-cars had no frames , they were uni-body , 1 have 2 of them , aero falcon and aero eagle — – no.2 — brooks stevens designed the OSCAR MAYER WEINERMOBILE , nuff said …

  7. Glennstin

    Those of us who are Members of The Willys Overland Jeepster Club were pleasantly surprised by the April 2019 Jeepster News. We learned that Brooks Stevens also worked on the Brazilian Aero and other models. A beautiful Jeepster version called “SACI” prototype was built and shown at The 1st Motor Show in Ibirapuera Park, San Paulo Nov. 26 to Dec. 11, 1960. “It is not known if the prototype or any copies of it exists in Brazil or anywhere in the world today” (J. N. April, 2019 p.3) I had never seen this beautiful model which had the familiar Rural nose section and chassis. I have no permission from WOJC to scan the many pix we were shown, but it would be a lovely addition to this article.

  8. Barney Goodwin

    I always wondered if Jeep today could have a 2-door Wrangler 2-wheel drive “Dispatcher” that was bare bones convertible or hard top for just around town cruising, errands, and fun.

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