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Modified Late Model CJ-6(?) 6×6 on Walker Texas Ranger

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Blaine spotted this modified jeep on Walker Texas Ranger, season 4 episode 18. My guess would be that it is a 1971 or later CJ-6, but the pic isn’t too clear. Blaine mentioned that the jeep does appear in other scenes, but the only pic he could find was on IMCDB:



3 Comments on “Modified Late Model CJ-6(?) 6×6 on Walker Texas Ranger

  1. Roy Ramirez

    My dad is an extra in this scene. standing behinde the drivers side. blue denim with cowboy hat.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    That’s fun! I hope he had a good experience with it. Did he regularly act as an actor?

    – Dave

  3. JohnB

    That’s a new one to me…and like most of us, I’ve seen a few weird Jeeps.

    I didn’t know the Walker re-boot was still in production, congrats to Roy’s dad.

    Speaking of weird Jeeps on TV, in the last episode of Season 4 of Fauda, (A Netflix series about an Israeli counter terrorist unit) there was an Israeli Army armoured CJ-7. Pretty neat if it was a real type and not just a TV prop.

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