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Roscoe Turner Testimonial for Jeeps

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UPDATE: This was originally published Aug 30, 2013.

Famous barnstormer and racing pilot Roscoe Turner endorsed the jeep in this 1946 letter.


1946-rosco-turner-testimonial1 1946-rosco-turner-testimonial3


7 Comments on “Roscoe Turner Testimonial for Jeeps

  1. Alaska Paul

    I hope the aircraft is connected to the Jeep by a tow bar. It’s very difficult to make a tow chain stiffen up when the towed aircraft travels faster than the towing vehicle while on a slight slope. Things can get expensive rather quickly when towing with a chain.


    Plenty of structures types about, some work on the side is always good. The powers that be would have a serious fit if done this way now.

  3. JohnB

    Turner was a household name during the heyday of air racing in the ’30s.
    As his letter indicates, his firm was a leading FBO (Fixed Base Operator…aircraft fuel, maintenance, sales, flying lessons, charter) in the 50’s-60s.

    William…I saw Gilmore, well stuffed, in storage at the National Air and Space Museum annex.

    Finally, the aircraft in the photo is a rare Douglas B-23, a number variant of the DC-3. During the war, many were converted to transports by the Army (they weren’t much use as bombers and do these was too few to be widely deployed operationally), postwar, they were popular corporate planes.

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