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1955 M-38A1/CJ-5 Jefferson, TX $1950 on eBay


Bill spotted this one. It appears to have a 1955 or 1956 CJ-5 chassis (reversed front springs and has a PTO bar setup in the back), but with an M-38A1 body (though the grille is CJ).

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“M38A1 ✧ MILITARY ARMY JEEP ✧ GREAT FOR REPAIR OR RESTORATION ✧ NEEDS WORK. I don’t know much more, I think it’s a 1955”

1955-m38a1-jefferson-tx6 1955-m38a1-jefferson-tx7 1955-m38a1-jefferson-tx8 1955-m38a1-jefferson-tx9


One comment on “1955 M-38A1/CJ-5 Jefferson, TX $1950 on eBay

  1. Mark S.

    I can not figure out why the the round indent on the passenger side(in front of door opening) is missing, never seen one without it. It would seem like a lot of work to remove it.

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