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1953 M-38A1 Tillamook, OR $10,000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $10,000.

Looks in good shape.\

“1953 M3A1 Jeep.‘Original metal, seems to have been repainted at some point. Starts and drives great”

1953-m38a1-tillamook-or1 1953-m38a1-tillamook-or2 1953-m38a1-tillamook-or3 1953-m38a1-tillamook-or4


6 Comments on “1953 M-38A1 Tillamook, OR $10,000

  1. Cheese Wizz

    thats a nice m-38 a-1 in tillamook , ore . — but I’d rather talk about tillamook cheese — been eating it for all my life it seems — its an institution , delicious !! — but since i moved to oregon i noticed it doesnt say ” made in tillamook , oregon ” like in the old days — my simple question was , where is it made ? — i always had visions of contented cows on the northern oregon coastal plains — WRONG !! — online it says its partly made at a company farm far inland from the coast , a real nasty factory farm !! — its right on the columbia river — health violations !! — opened up a big can of worms — some people say its also made partly in wisconsin ? — a lot of people are boycotting it because of the fraud — its very expensive also — so i suggest THEY TELL US CUSTOMERS THE TRUTH !!! TILLAMOOK RIPOFFS !!! .. ok , i feel better now , time for a grilled cheese sanny …

  2. John

    Cheese Whiz…

    Do you also expect your Mars candy bars to be made in Mars?

    Remember, most Cheddar cheese is not made in Cheddar (a nice town in England).
    Nor is most Champagne made in Champagne…or even France

  3. Cheese Wizz

    huh ? i was sure Mars bars were made on Mars ? – are you saying they could be made on Jupiter ? – My rant about Tillamook cheese is all about misrepresentation , everybody assumed that Tillamook cheese was made in or near Tillamook , Oregon .. Ok , Willys update , I may pump up the two left tires on my 1953 Willys Aero-Eagle today , its listing to the port side …

  4. John

    Been to Tillimook, toured the ice cream and cheese factory. Looked pretty big time and industrial to me. Hardly a little artisan shop.
    As a kid I toured cheese factories, they aren’t large or high tech, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Tillimook CO-OP has more than one location. Afterall, if it were made in Florence (further down the coast) or Hood River, would it be any different?

    I toured inland Oregon a couple of years ago when I had my Mercedes services down there. As long as you stay out of the dry central area (like Madras), it looked like good dairy land. I have spent enlighten in Wisconsin to know! .

    All is well as long as Jeeps are made in Toledo.

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