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DIY Kit for Ventilated Windshield

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Joe Evans is offering up a kit to convert the standard CJ-3B windshield frame to a ventilating one. You can contact him through Facebook.

You may need to connect with him via the Willys Flat Fender Facebook Group (you may have to join to contact him):

cj3b-ventilated-windshield-parts5 cj3b-ventilated-windshield-parts6 cj3b-ventilated-windshield-parts7 cj3b-ventilated-windshield-parts8 cj3b-ventilated-windshield-parts9


5 Comments on “DIY Kit for Ventilated Windshield

  1. Bill f

    yes the glass size is the same between 3a, 3b and m38. I would think this would work

  2. Pascal

    I have an original ventilating windshield, but I’m not able to find the rubber between the windshield frame and the glass frame. Where does he get it?

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