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DIY Kit for Ventilated Windshield

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Joe Evans is offering up a kit to convert the standard CJ-3B windshield frame to a ventilating one. You can contact him through Facebook.

You may need to connect with him via the Willys Flat Fender Facebook Group (you may have to join to contact him):

cj3b-ventilated-windshield-parts5 cj3b-ventilated-windshield-parts6 cj3b-ventilated-windshield-parts7 cj3b-ventilated-windshield-parts8 cj3b-ventilated-windshield-parts9


6 Comments on “DIY Kit for Ventilated Windshield

  1. Bill f

    yes the glass size is the same between 3a, 3b and m38. I would think this would work

  2. Pascal

    I have an original ventilating windshield, but I’m not able to find the rubber between the windshield frame and the glass frame. Where does he get it?

  3. Blade Yoder

    Hi do you make one that will fit an m38a1 windshield or early cj5 1955 ish Been looking for one for 6 years and have had no luck finding a nos one. I know the m38a1 window is longer than a cj3b but have about the same height of 13 inches I don’t know if the radius of the window is the same but sure look close.

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