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Friday @ the Willys Rally in Ohio

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The Willys Rally kicked off yesterday with beautiful, but hot weather, or so I am told. Tom sent me a some pics, followed by Roger Martin, who wore out his camera taking pics, so thanks to you both! So, there’s lots to look at. One highlight captured by both kind gentleman included a four-seat empire tractor, which looks really well done.



351524863_2593590200795545_2398222480533342828_n 350357448_1326080491317120_2816933375182800311_n 350277267_976983817051201_2976805567633055324_n 351463615_941131657227670_6894037210827892333_n

350088931_1195913087754899_3838573726904761445_n 351421575_287086537081307_583950301575992147_n 351067080_809192810610661_6893040941734288219_n 350764527_1185737895444905_5627292895859573254_n 350859283_693235072610624_636904393002626067_n 351427555_269224618938984_8179780656524769971_n IMG_0390 IMG_0391

These two CJ-5s have Desert Dog tires.

IMG_0392 IMG_0393 IMG_0394 IMG_0397 351098137_919421695841584_1373980883369681682_n 350901704_6283181875111525_7186986806864191871_n 343588687_191512057205466_6461420119531020142_n 351098137_620690860121530_480373018423871259_n 351529579_792741695554479_1312427896464644267_n 350045919_123043287463790_8592040906269389363_n 351455208_1870929483284236_3168274503102972385_n 351267413_783269506769983_6771874618011026864_n 350090893_2229260333946095_6053349174301450400_n 351101001_646727367312507_7565330555347768978_n 351487340_263472052881590_6388540467702567451_n 350383651_262519119587556_4289229462496528864_n 351267418_610932807669165_4699103246114674007_n 343658392_153393451051669_3056475023868838845_n 351253710_517644200447927_4982025948583130573_n 351217650_761965179011685_4089478979835897895_n 351452229_775131467599413_1103332721334337257_n 350380350_1976877345999002_3683063588984604775_n 350353586_995420378257955_3255311292250815743_n 350786296_756533226204119_4095888043338833749_n


3 Comments on “Friday @ the Willys Rally in Ohio

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Heading from a seller to buyers, I suppose. My question is, how did someone originally accumulate so many?

  2. Barry

    First, it was another great show and Farm Jeep demonstration. As you can see by the “picnic” pictures, the show is held in a beautiful state park.

    The Empire belongs to Andy B. of Butlerville, IN. Andy collects both antique tractors and Jeeps, so he said it is a natural fit. He also now has twin grandbabies, hence the needs for the additional seats.

    To the two Steves – the truck filed with parts, and the shots of items for sale are from the collection of two guys (Matt and Scott) who are putting together an impressive collection. I will be doing some posts on their Transport Motor Company equipment. I can put you in touch with then.

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