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Night Skies

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We stayed up extra late Friday night and were rewarded with clear, active skies! I took these photos with my iPhone (no filters, no adjustments later). However, the phone made these look much more colorful than they were to my eyes. Once I realized how cool the skies looked while using my phone, I walked around the property taking photos. We have a bunch of solar, motion detector lights, so they just added background light also.

But, before the night pics, I have one from Saturday. I was in the garden and looked over to see what I thought might be a dead cat … but, no, it was just sleeping.


Other notes … more progress was accomplished on the FC. The oil cooler fan bracket is all done, the cooler and fan attached, and the wiring ready for install. The gas pedal is nearly done, though I want to lighten the pivot portion of it.

One additional note. It seems the eye surgery I had last August has accelerated the cataract in that eye, which has resulted in some loss of vision. I’ve got new glasses arriving this coming week, so I hope that allows me to see good enough to race. Otherwise, I will have to get and recover from cataract surgery before racing … if not one thing, it’s another!

Okay, now the sky photos:

2024-05-10-night-skies6 2024-05-10-night-skies5 2024-05-10-night-skies4

2024-05-10-night-skies3 2024-05-10-night-skies2 2024-05-10-night-skies1



6 Comments on “Night Skies

  1. JohnB

    We had a good display here a couple of hundred miles NE of Dave, but without the vivid colors.
    We live north of town in the country, so it wasn’t a matter of light pollution.
    My UK born wife had never seen the lights before and was impressed.

  2. Bill

    Those photos are worth printing and framing! Here in CT we were solid overcast, and so didn’t see anything. On the positive side, we weren’t hit by a meteorite either!

  3. Illinois Larry

    Thanks Dave. Beautiful. We had just had light yellow low on the horizon. Too far south in Illinois.

  4. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Good luck with those new glasses, hope they let you see well enough to race.

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