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Yellow-Background Approved Willys Service Signs

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Barney Goodwin from Barney’s Jeep Parts just purchased this yellow Approved Willys Service sign, which is similar in colors, content and styling to a sign posted on eWillys back in 2020 (see bottom of post). Does anyone have any history behind these unusual service signs. Barney noted that on the back of his it references Chicago if that’s any help.

Barney added, “This sign is made of heavy gauge steel . It is not flimsy like an import. The edges are rolled and there is a weathered support plank on the back as shown. The rolled edge is painted black. There is stenciling on the back with perhaps a product number For Willys Overland by a Chicago contractor.”

5 18 24 A 5 18 24 D 5 18 24 E 5 18 24 F


UPDATE **SOLD** Was originally posted August 26, 2020.

Roger Martin spotted this unusual Willys Service Sign at a Portland, Indiana, Tractor show today. If you are interested in the sign, we can get you the seller’s p#.



6 Comments on “Yellow-Background Approved Willys Service Signs

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Pretty cool. Even better if someone knew the back story. Appears plywood with an aluminum edge. No sign of mounting. Nice art work. Looks like “Ed” personalized it.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Brandon,

    I’ll email the seller’s number to you. I’m sure Roger will send it tonight or tomorrow. The show will be in Portland, Indiana, through Sunday according to Roger.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    It was neat finding this sign at the Springfield Ohio Extravaganza this past weekend. Older gentleman who sold it to us said he picked it in Traverse City, MI. It would be interesting to find out more about it, especially since we now know there is more than one with the same pattern and colors with scale and possibly material differences. We did email Brandon (above) to find out more about his including anything on the back, if he managed to buy it, and are waiting to hear back.
    The 2A and WILLYS appear screened while the APPROVED SERVICE is hand painted. See photos for the stenciling on the back.
    My theory – for lack of any other so far – is that this is a low budget, pre-catalogue sign for “jobber” dealerships such as those attached to small gas stations in the 40s.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    So, at the Willys Jeep Rally June 1, I talked to a guy about these signs and he knew of them. He showed me a photo of one he saw this year at a show. Just like these 2; more like the one with “Ed” on it, except to the right of the 2A there was a black dog bone wrench. He said the guy who had it was from Michigan.
    He said he believed they were made using old, solid patio table tops, thus explaining the center hole filled with a bolt. He had a picture of the back of it and it was rust slurry finish. Now we know of 3 and also a more plausible explanation than mine above. It is a cool sign for the price and well built.

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