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1963 CJ-6 Huntsville, AL $6500

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Cranks, but doesn’t start. Unclear why the seller thinks this is a military jeep.

“I have a 1963 CJ-6 it’s military issue It has a 3 speed manual and 4 cylinder f134 motor Pros It’s had work done on it new brakes new lines new fuel filter and carburetor new distributor and new starter etc I have photos of proof from the shop that had it done Cons It currently doesn’t start it cranks but doesn’t start it has the stock no seatbelts or airbags feature also no headlights It’s a project car that could be worth a lot when someone puts the work in it I’m still working on it and price will go up if I’m able to get it running good 6500$ firm”

1963-cj6-huntsville-al6 1963-cj6-huntsville-al7 1963-cj6-huntsville-al8 1963-cj6-huntsville-al9


One comment on “1963 CJ-6 Huntsville, AL $6500

  1. David in SE Mass

    Claiming it is a military vehicle is a tough sell without the government id tags.
    It is however a decent looking cj6.

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