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High Horsepower F-134 Head Shipshewana, IN $2200

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Here’s a unique piece of engine culture that Nick is selling.




“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own perhaps the highest hp Willys F134 head in the world. This was custom designed for swamp buggy racing in Naples, FL. Due to its unoriginal nature, this head was deemed illegal and could not race in the sanctioned event.

-Custom made F134 engine head
-Down draft F134 manifold setup
-ARP head studs for the majority of the setup

It features four individual intake runners to feed the engine. Oversized titanium valves. I have video of this setup revving to 7500 rpm.

This engine head feeds necessary air and power to make the most out of the Willys engine. If you want to set the vintage horsepower record, here is your start.


One comment on “High Horsepower F-134 Head Shipshewana, IN $2200

  1. Bob

    Highest HP F-Head I ever saw was tow guy here in Ohio cranking out 130 HP, Custom cranks and rods and pistons…

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