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Jeeps in Man’s Favorite Sport

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John spotted a Wagoneer in the 1963 movie, Man’s Favorite Sport, which stars Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss. If you have. subscription to Amazon Prime, you can watch it for free.

I’ve never seen the movie, but John describes it as a “it is a ’60s take on ’30s “Screwball”. Best of all, he says “it isn’t terrible”. How could you pass up the movie with a review like that :-).

The Wagoneer would have only recently been released to appear in January 1063 movie, so the may be one of the earliest appearances for the newly styled Jeep. The snout of a second Wagoneer also appears. Look for it in the campground scene (see pic below). You can see some still shots from the movie. at


One comment on “Jeeps in Man’s Favorite Sport

  1. JohnB

    When I pointed this out to Dave, I didn’t mean to damn it with faint praise.
    It really has its moments, but it is a film you’ll either enjoy or really hate.
    Hudson is very good with his physical comedy, and Premise is great, you can really envision her in a ’30s comedy.

    It’s odd in that it is set in the ’60s, but it is written like it is in the ’30s…with very ’30s sensibilities. Today, we often forget that the early ’60s were more like previous decades than the America of a few years later.
    When the women get drenched by rain, Hudson diverts his eyes because they (sorta) look topless (the camera is behind them… so it’s very PG).
    In the late 60s, they wouldn’t have been that modest.

    If you’re a fan or early Wagoneers, you’ll enjoy seeing a new one. The fact that one is displayed in a sporting goods store tells you how 4x4s were seen back then.

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