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Country Jacuzzi

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I spent the last two days rewiring the switch and control boxes. That turned out fine, but the well pump is still only responding in bits. I believe it to be the well pump itself. So, on Monday I’ll be getting the pump folks out here.

Meanwhile, we initiated operation pasture-water-to-garden-system. Well, that might not have the best mission title, we did successfully tap into an irrigation line we weren’t using anymore and use it to push water to our garden watering systems. This will make our watering tasks much simplified again (and by “our” I mean Ann’s).

Here’s the manifold I built today. This irrigation junction used to water a portion of the pasture with unground sprinklers, but we removed that line of sprinklers in favor of a pod watering system, which we like.


Here is where the hoses are going:


And, as you can see, all that work is worth while, because Ann gets to use her Country Jacuzzi (aka a cattle trough). Losing the water hasn’t all bad 🙂



6 Comments on “Country Jacuzzi

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    David, I guess all those years of wrenching on your jeeps has successfully prepared you for today’s ranch related engineering and repairs.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Indeed it has! It helps to have a shop full of tools as well.

    – Dave

  3. Chadwick

    looks like fun! ove been eyeing one of those metal troughs for a wood fired redneck hot tub.

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